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Darshil Dholakia and Jensi Rijiya & Dhruval Dholakia and Ayushi Monpara

Surat, Gujarat

A grand wedding in Surat from November 25th to December 3rd, 2023, featured traditional ceremonies like Randal Maa ki Puja and Lagan Geet, along with fun-filled events like Funtakshini and a lively Raas Garba night.
With nearly 3500 guests, the celebrations were splendid.
A Mumbai reception at the Trident, BKC on December 5th showcased a fairytale decor, adding to the magic of the occasion.
Throughout the events, guests were treated to captivating performances by Amit Trivedi, DJ Ganesh, Bryden Parth, Melodious Symphony Band, and Rodney Band.



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